PAN Newsreader Review

PAN Newsreader Review
3.5 / 5
PAN Newsreader Review
Rating 3.5 Stars
Price Free
Features Linux and Windows only
Good for reading news
Good for NZB downloads
Highly Configurable

Last updated in May of 2018 ,  Pan is a newsreader for Linux and Windows.  Pan attempts to satisfy both new users and power users and we thing they manage to pull it off well.

This program isn’t specifically designed as an NZB handler, so it’s a bit unwieldy compared to some of the other options. It’s likely best for those who are experienced with USENET and who want something as pure as possible, as far as not having any new enhancements added to the mix to make things more user friendly goes.


The installation process will depend upon your flavor of Linux. For Windows, you’ll need the GTK2-Runtime libraries to get Pan up and running. You can download and install them from a link on Pan’s site.

Once the program is installed, it’s easy to get set up. Just enter your server address, port, username and password and Pan will download your newsgroup list automatically.

Pan Startup

Using the Program

Pan is not a flashy program. When you open it up, after having downloaded your list of groups, you’ll see the article headers listed on the top right of the screen, the article contents on the lower left and the list of newsgroups on the leftmost side of the interface. It looks a bit dated, but it is very practical.

Pan article download

This isn’t a dedicated binary downloader, so don’t expect features that make downloading and managing files as easy as possible. The options are listed along the top of the screen, with small icons and fields providing ways to sort, search and interact with the newsgroup articles. The bottom of the screen gives you a list of your tasks, your download speed and transfer totals.


Technical Details

  • Linux and Windows compatible
  • Offline reading function
  • Advanced sorting function
  • Keyboard bindings
  • Message organization features built in
  • Can set parameters for notification based on message content, subject, etc.
  • Supports yEnc
  • Groups multi-part articles
  • Powerful download task management
  • Can display images in line


Pan has a classic interface. That might put some users off, as it looks quite clunky compared to other binary downloader options. This newsreader, however, does have some very nice features built into it, though it might take a while to figure them out for newer users. If you’ve been on USENET for a long time, however, and if you’re a Windows or Linux user, you might find this to be a great solution for reading, posting and downloading.

Pan Interface

Summary Page

Pan is a Gnome newsreader for Linux and Windows. It supports yEnc and is a capable NZB/Binary downloading option, but it offers little in the way of user friendliness. This newsreader is most likely to appeal to those who have been on USENET for a long time, who appreciate the look of a classic newsreader interface and who need very little hand holding. Some of the Windows versions are not quite stable, so be aware of potential issues with that OS.

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5 Comments about PAN Newsreader Review

  • Avatar of res0r9lm
    res0r9lm on

    its a linux news reader is about the best I can say about it. Very unstable and not maintained with huge memory leaks

  • Avatar of Sparky
    Sparky on

    Is there a way to combine subscribed groups? Like all pet groups together under one “Pet” subscription?

    Such that when viewing that subscription you see only those threads in those groups?

  • Avatar of will scranton
    will scranton on

    Om my Ubuntu system, PAN will not send username + password to a free news-server .
    Thus I cannot download newsgroup headers and text. I have filled-in all required data within PAN, yet it fails. How do I force PAN to send username + password ?

  • Avatar of Name
    Name on

    Requires the end user to find and install something called “GTK” before it can be installed. Even the Windows version requires this. When searching for this with Google one finds a GitHub page and the message “installation by itself is no longer supported, go tell the people who wrote the app that they should be bundling GTK with it as part of the installer. Buh bye now.”


  • Avatar of Steve
    Steve on

    If you go to the Windows installer page from pan’s download page, all the new msi’s have the toolkit as part of the install

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