Offcloud Review

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Offcloud Review
Rating4 Stars
FeaturesCloud-Based Download Manager
NZB Support
Download From Usenet to Other Apps
Mobile-Friendly UI

Offcloud is a cloud-based download manager that is simple to use and is an intuitive SaaS (Software as a service) that retrieves any data from the cloud.

Offcloud has several features that make it a good software - from unlocking and speeding up any content found on sites, media, streaming and storage sites, securely backing up your desired online content to your private storage and access it anytime you want, to having reliable API and dozens of tools.

What makes Offcloud useful to Usenet users is that it offers a secure Usenet experience without the need for a newsgroup client.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Free Plan Available
  • Mobile-friendly User Interface
  • Lots of servers around the world
  • Option to select which server to use
  • NZB support
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments
  • No newsgroup client required
  • Cloud Backup
  • Remote Download
  • API support
  • Enjoy dozens of tools
  • Instant Downloading

How It Works

A specific newsgroup reader or a Usenet client is required to download a file from Usenet or a newsgroup network. A software needs to be installed and operated on your computer, which may create privacy and security concerns.

Furthermore, using Usenet normally entails paying a fee to gain access to a high-quality newsgroup network. Setting up your newsgroup client takes effort and requires a bit of technical knowledge.

Offcloud’s Usenet capability combines the flexibility and availability of a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with the simplicity of a Usenet download process.

Offcloud is a cloud-based Usenet client that allows you to retrieve data from the Usenet network while maintaining your privacy and network performance.

With Offcloud, downloading from Usenet becomes much simpler. No need for technical skills, simply upload an NZB file to the Offcloud software and it will immediately download the information and data you want. Their system recognizes any kind of newsgroup link.

Plans & Pricing

While you have the option to use Offcloud for free, it does have limitations in terms of usage. If you really enjoy using Offcloud and want to get the most out of this software, Offcloud has paid options that you can subscribe to.

Offcloud Pricing

The paid option comes with the following features:

  • Unlimited link generation
  • Cyberlockers & file hosting sites
  • Video streaming services
  • BitTorrent links & magnets
  • PDF & PocketHTML conversion
  • Unlimited proxy bandwidth
  • Unlimited cloud space
  • Generous fair use quotas
  • Constant improvements

Usage Overview

As far as using Offcloud for Usenet, it cannot get any simpler in terms of how to get the data you want. Simply paste the NZB file on the Offcloud software and it will download the discussions and data you need. You can download from Usenet to the following:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • FTP
  • WebDAV

Aside from Usenet, you can also use Offcloud on other applications from BitTorrent, Rapidgator, and Uploaded, and even use it to back up files on Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon Cloud.

This software has a pretty simple interface and is not complicated to use at all. If you have some configuration questions or there are technicalities you may not understand, the Offcloud website also has a helpful “learn” section where you can find how to use Offcloud in different ways.

Offcloud Interface


While it may not have been primarily developed for Usenet, Offcloud has useful Usenet applications that can make your activity simpler and more efficient. It allows you to download data from Usenet via NZB files directly to your cloud with just a few simple steps. That being said, we still encourage users to explore Usenet clients that are also still reliable and efficient to use.

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