NZBVortex Updates to New Version

January 9, 2014

NZBVortex Updates to New VersionNZBVortex has updated to version 2.11. The update has some major improvements and, according to the developers, has been very well-received by users.

The Release

One of the biggest improvements that users will notice is that the new version of NZBVortex not only handles password-protected RAR files, it’s now set up so that the new tricks don’t fool it. You’ll be free of this spam. They’ve also improved the detection of spam in general. If you’re sick of wasting your bandwidth, you’ll be pleased with these improvements, in particular.

The memory usage has been streamlined and the thread sleeps have been reduced, using semaphores. This latter improvement will reduce the number of CPU wakeups.

If you’re having trouble with obfuscated downloads, the new PAR2 description parser will take care of it for you. The RAR version has also been updated to 5.0, allowing more flexibility.

Some behaviors that may have been getting under the skin of users have been fixed. When you get an NZB with a password, the program will no longer pause if the password is in the file name. The problem with RSS TV Show Episode State deletion, where deleting one would delete them all, has been fixed, as well.

The switch animation has even been improved, making it smoother and more multilayered.

There are many more improvements that have been made to NZBVortex that are worth checking out. The developers say that they are getting a lot of requests to do a Windows client, so they’re definitely getting known for having a good product, based on that. You can read full review of  NZBVortex here.

NZBVortex Screenshot

NZBVortex in action

Check it Out

The new version is available and would be a good time to give it a try. The client is available for Mac, has an integrated search feature and takes full advantage of the Apple interface, being very attractive and easy to navigate.

The improvements should make downloading a lot smoother and raise some interest in this product. It works with iPad, as well, and you can control it over the web, so those who have their USENET accessible to them from several different devices will likely be very happy with what they find in the new version of this program.

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