NZBVortex Improves Their MacOSx Client

November 5, 2011

On November 2nd of this month NZBVortex announced the rollout of their new client version for Mac OSX, version 2.5. They have done a lot of tweaking in this version, and added in a healthy dose of improvements to go along with that, so we went and checked them out.

In their newest version they added in a search screen where you can add in RSS feeds now, and provided better support for the Canadian renamed file uploads. They also provided better support for misnamed files, a balloon for the hard to find sleep and speed limiter, merging,and many other features and functionality improvements. Here’s a partial list of the improvements:

Improvements, Features, And Major Functions Of NZBVortex

They have been working for a while over at NZBVortex, here are a few of the improvements, and highlighted functions they have worked on, and improved.

  • Improved naming and renaming, especially for the Canadian uploads and other tricky little NZB renamings.
  • Sleep and speed limit reminder balloons have been added.
  • Processing more controlled now.
  • Wildcard support in group access, RSS, and clean-up.
  • Right click to prioritize next NZB to next in queue.
  • Search query has RSS button added for watch list.
  • Merging now allowed, and speed limiter reminder.
  • Low HDD caching. This is best for the health of an SSD hard drive.

If you are a Mac user and fan, then maybe you ought to check into the newest version of NZB Vortex for OSX. We did and weren’t sorry that we took the time. The interface is the same, Mac, and quite user friendly, operability has been improved, and we were happy to see the Canadian file upload naming improved. Now, if you use the NZBVortex client in a Mac and wish to keep it, you will have to pay the ungodly amount of $19.95 to open this up for all the bells and whistles, and they will accept almost any form of payment, from plastic to Paypal,

Our Take On The Improvements

We test drove the client and was happy with the way it went down the road, The improvements, well they actually were improvements, and made the client better over all. To use this program you have to have Usenet access. If you would like to know more abut Usenet access you should look to Usenet Reviews, and if you would like to know more about the Mac client, you can check it out at our NZBVortex Review.

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