Nzbuse Review

Nzbuse is a somewhat different type of Usenet software. Instead of promoting themselves around their news server services, they attempt to come in the back door, by offering a free desktop client, and then charging a subscription to use it. Nzbuse title their site the œHome of Usenet Automation and in many ways this is entirely true.

Using their client software, it™s as simple as selecting a download and waiting for it to finish. No PAR checking, no extraction, simple click, download and go. In fact, most people will not even use the Nzbuse news servers, they will simply use the software and pay the small monthly subscription.

Binary Retention

Nzbuse does not actually publish a retention length. So one can only presume it is sufficient to provide adequate post coverage. This is something to look out for if you are going to choose Nzbuse as a host, there are no promises on the length of binary retention.


Simple, it™s $5 per month to use the desktop client, with access to the Nzbuse NZB archives. Add your favorite news host price on top of this though.

Nzbuse Free Trial

Every user can create a free trial account, or log into the desktop client as a guest and check it out.


Speed will depend entirely upon which NNTP provider you choose to integrate with the custom desktop client.


SSL is supported within the client, but will also need to be supported by your choice of Usenet provider.

Other Nice Features

Automatic NZB, PAR checking and extracting in one clean desktop application. Extremely easy to navigate, you just cannot go wrong.


Good for newcomers to Usenet who lack the technical ability to handle the NZB linking, PAR checking and extraction themselves. Although be aware, there is a hidden cost in the required news server account required to operate fully.


Check out their software as  even if you are a hardened Usenet veteran who us used to recreating archive by hand by downloading specific PAR files, you will still find Nzbuse useful.

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