NZBsRUS Apologizes for Downtime and is Back Online

July 23, 2012

NZBsRUS has had its share of problems lately. At various times, the site has been slow, unavailable or otherwise difficult to use. According to a statement on their webpage, however, the site is up and running and is better than ever.

Some of the problems that NZBsRUS were actually intentional: the results of improvements being made and maintenance being performed. In other cases, the slowdowns were not by choice and were the results of other issues. NZBsRUS, according to the statement, has worked hard to make certain that these issues do not continue and now has improved their service to make it more attractive to users.

In the statement, NZBsRUS says that their site speed will be increased because of code rewriting and optimizing the databases on the site. NZBsRUS has also redesigned its site to make it easier for users to use. First and foremost, the NZBsRUS site has a cleaner look than it used to and allows you to customize your views and your search results more, due to the changes in code. You will also be able to take advantage of full SABnzbd integration on the site.

NZBsRUS has also been working hard to increase the number of files they have available and, according to the release, the site currently has approximately 95 percent of the NZB files posted to the Internet in any category featured on the site available. NZBsRUS is among the sites that do try to filter out NZB files that are password-protected and to make sure that the files uploaded are what they claim to be.

For those who want to engage in a bit of development, NZBsRUS has been working on and API. This will allow developers to include the results of the NZBsRUS on their own sites. Currently, the API is in a very early stage of development, but there is plenty of documentation available through NZBsRUS and, if you’ve been wanting to develop a bit utilizing the site as a resource, you should find everything you need provided for you.

NZBsRUS says that it is completely back up and running and, for users who had abandoned the site because of the difficulties it was having, the new improvements may be persuasive enough to convince them to adopt using the site once more. With the SABnzbd integration and the faster performance, the site may be worth taking a look at again when you’re hunting files down on the USENET.

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