NZBS2Go Review

NZBS2Go has some great looking features, particularly if you go for the VIP package, which is usually the best deal. The site is set up, according to the people running it, to make it easy to navigate through the content you’ll find on USENET. As anyone with a USENET subscription knows, there is a lot of content on the system and making it easy to navigate is what differentiates good indexers from bad indexers. Here are some of the features on the site.

Tech Specs

NZBS2Go is compatible with CouchPotato, Headphones and other popular software, such as Sickbeard. If you’re using one of these programs to get your downloads, you shouldn’t have any trouble with NZBS2Go. The site is also packed with other features, however, that do have some compelling capabilities.

NZBS2Go allows you to preview video and audio right tin your browser. You can also watch trailers for content if it is available. This makes it easy to get through the listings and see what you’re looking for and, of course, to make sure that what you’re downloading is actually what it says it is. This is a VIP feature, however, so you’ll have to sign up to take advantage of it.

The site is SSL enabled, so you have some privacy protection. The site provides a calendar of upcoming releases and allows you to make requests for a particular binary to show up on the indexes. You can make a watch list off of the RSS/API feed, too.

NZBS2Go allows entry to a spotweb site and has accommodations for Mac users, making it very versatile. There is a full API available to VIP users.

The files are named properly so it’s a lot easier to find a particular binary that you’re after. You can also upload your own content if you want, but that feature only comes with the VIP membership.


NZBS2Go has some excellent features on the site. Being able to access a well-organized index is certainly something to be excited about. The site is also provided with quite a bit of flexibility in terms of operating systems and in even having something for Spotweb users.

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Overall, it’s worth checking out. You’ll have to register at the site to take advantage of everything it has, however. The site should, at the very least, serve as a good backup if you already have an indexer that you pay a VIP charge for.

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7 Comments about NZBS2Go Review

  1. me on July 11th, 2014

    site is down! does anyon e have a new link?

  2. sk0t on July 13th, 2014

    Domain not expired, so not sure if dead, but DNS records gone as at 2014-07-12

  3. Rich on July 18th, 2014

    Looks like its gone, great site while it lasted but just disappeared a few days ago.

  4. terry on August 14th, 2014 is up and running i am on it

  5. terry on August 14th, 2014

    sorry left the s out think its under new owners??

  6. nivek on September 11th, 2014

    Nzbs2go gone for good.

    A Sad Day For All
    I am sad to announce that Nzbs2go ( will be closing forever.

    I have made this decision because the site is taking all my free time and money.
    Also after a few emails from F.A.C.T we felt that it was time to close the site to avoid any legal action. (this has pushed us out more than anything)
    as sign up vip fee’s would not cover a cost of a fine.
    # for the record i have never made a penny off the site all vip fee’s also adsense fee’s went to server costs/domain renews.

    Also domains will be on sale at sedo will post links if any one intrested in starting there own and has the time etc….

    Also Just a big thankyou to all that helped out and also donated beyond the vip fee. ZBS2GO has gone for good as acoording to their web page
    This is what it says.

  7. nzbs2go on April 10th, 2015

    Site has been taken over since this article.
    much alive since 2007 –

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