NZBMatrix Review

NZBMatrix Review
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NZBMatrix Review
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Retention Days
Features Free & $10 lifetime VIP
RSS Feeds / Excellent
Dead Site
Platform nZEDb

NZBMatrix was one of the the most popular NZB indexing provider on the Internet at least according to   They used a modified forum software. Unfortunately they closed their doors in Dec 2012.

NZBMatrix was based out of the UK.   If you are looking for some alternatives to NZBMatrix then check out our list of  Best NZB sites

NZBMatrix offered  free basic membership and $10 lifetime for VIP membership.  Rss feeds were available and NZBMatrix had excellent uptime.

NZBMatrix Popularity

NZBMatrix (on May 1rst 2012) had an ranking of  4855 which means that according to NZBMatrix was the 4855th most popular website on the Internet.  (Note: Alexa rankings aren’t a perfect measure.)

According to Google trends, NZBMatrix became very popular in 2007.

Alternatives to NZBMatrix

Please check our list of best NZB sites for alternatives to NZBMatrix . Also worth a look would be our list of Best Usenet Providers.

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42 Comments about NZBMatrix Review

  • Avatar of phillip
    phillip on

    People need to understand THERE IS NOTHING FREE about NZBMatrix other than banning for having an opinion. Want free advice stay clear.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
    Marion Marshall on

    Hi Phillip, thanks for the comment. That maybe true I have no idea about your situation but I still don’t think it changes the fact that nzbmatrix is a top NZB site. I not affiliated with them in any way .. FYI

  • Avatar of Josh
    Josh on

    Actually NZBMatrix IS free aside from the VIP membership (optional) which increases the retention time from 20 days to 100+ days.
    It is one of the best NZB sites around IMO and saying “THERE IS NOTHING FREE about NZBMatrix” is just wrong.

  • Avatar of Josh
  • Avatar of JASON
  • Avatar of VIP member
    VIP member on

    Have to agree with phillip. I am a VIP member at NZBMatrix and if they consider you as a bad member you will loose your VIP status and the money you have spent for becoming a VIP member. They steal your money and you will be judged for your opinion and ban you for using some features for it.
    STAY CLEAR of anything wanting your money for other peoples postings.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
    Marion Marshall on

    Yes .. Im a VIP member there also. I never have any problems because I dont say anything 🙂 for 10$ or so .. its worth it IMHO

  • Avatar of Matt
    Matt on

    I cant see how people are complaining about NZBMatrix, have been using it for ages now, have downloaded over 1000 NZBs. Paid for the VIP and its amazing. As the review said, its $10 which is nothing for what its worth! and the whole “bad member will revoke your VIP status” well thats their own fault for being a bad member. They are just keeping the site great which they are!

  • Avatar of Trident
    Trident on

    Some people claim NZBmatrix is “stealing” your money or isn’t free.
    These remarks are tantamount to slander. I’ve never had ANY problem with NZBmatrix and not with commenting either.
    The only thing i can think of is that some people with their comments have seriously crossed some boundaries in one way or another.
    I don’t even see why anybody would care all that much to spend a lot of time on commenting anyway.

  • Avatar of JimmyOh
    JimmyOh on

    Been on NZBMatrix for about 2 years as ‘VIP Member’ (ie I paid the one-off $10 fee). Use Astraweb for the actual file downloads.

    No serious complaints about NZBMatrix. Would recommend them to anybody.

  • Avatar of Paul
    Paul on

    Cant disagre more with the comments about nzbmatrix “Stealing Money ” have been a VIP member for about 18 months fantastic service 1000+ days retention ,i comment on posts about quality appearance etc without a problem best $10.00 you could possibly spend used to use Newzbin until its demise and think Nzbmatrix is an altogether better site IMHO

  • Avatar of Roger
    Roger on

    I for one have no idea why some people are complaining about NZBMatrix. I have used the site & thought so much of it I gave then the $10 fee to be only fair.
    Have always had a opinion & gave it but been polite. Makes me wonder what you did to breach the line to get banned.
    Nzbmatrix was free to use when I first made my account and I visit it each day for a reason.

    I recommend it & congratulate them!

  • Avatar of Pete
    Pete on

    I was a member of NZBsRus and the main reason I left it was because they had an extremely racist admin who left hideous comments (yes, an admin!). Trust me, if NZB Matrix are picky about their members’ comments then that’s only a good thing. I think I’ll sign up to Matrix today after the experience I had with NZBsRus.

  • Avatar of Trips22
    Trips22 on

    This comment is for Phillip and VIP Member. I just want to know one thing. What in the world did you do or say to get you banished from the site? Matter of fact what was your user name there and I can look it up. I am not affiliated with Matrix except for the fact that I am a VIP member. I once had a little issue with another member about a comment a made about a UFC fight. I made a comment of how great a fight was on the card that I had just watched on ppv and the other guy was waiting for the ppv to be uploaded so he could download and watch it. He claimed I had given away spoilers to the fight and all I said was that the fight was a war and was great. Didn’t lean one way or the other. He and I had a few words back and forth and finally an admin. posted and told us since it was such an issue he would just delete the thread which was fine by me as nothing was said and many people were telling the guy to chill as nothing was given away or no results were posted so they just deleted the thread. Didn’t bother me. It would be funny to find out that Phillip was the other guy that got so bent out of shape. Lol! Matrix is and will remain the best NZB website on the web! The next best in my opinion is Merlins Portal it’s not kept up as well but the thing that sets the two sites apart is the sense of community at matrix. We all help each other out there and it’s great. I live in the states and I have made a lot of friends from the U.K. on that site.
    Whatever the problem was for the other two gentlemen I don’t know. I would hope that maybe you could just let your issue go and give the Matrix another chance as I have been there for over three years and love that place. To anyone looking for a great nzb website that is well taken care of then this it. Not to mention all the help you get in the forums. I paid for the nzb’s and made a lot of good friends and learned a great deal. Great Site!

  • Avatar of jdub
    jdub on

    Really? I paid the ten dollars about a month or so ago because my friend had been using it for months. Well I fork out the cash and I am lucky if the site comes up at all, much less on a certain sub category. And I did try FF and chrome and IE, and every other website I can think of works…just not nzb matrix. I feel ripped.

  • Avatar of martinex
    martinex on

    I’ve been a V.I.P. member for a couple of years now. Maybe I’m a novice but I really don’t see much difference from other sites with the exception of organization. It’s much easier to find things on the matrix. I will say this. I’ve had a hard time connecting to the site in recent weeks. I hope this isn’t a harbinger. But 10 bucks for a LIFETIME membership? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  • Avatar of dugfreez
    dugfreez on

    I’ve been a VIP member of NZBMatrix for a few years now with no complaints. It’s a great site that is easy to search and very well organized…BUT:

    I have been having a lot of problems in the past few weeks with the entire site being down. Even now I am getting an error: Database Server: MySQL Connection Error: Too many connections.

    This same error…or others very close to it, have been cropping up 2 or 3 nights a week. When the site IS working I never seem to see any mention of what the problem is or any news that they even know there is a problem.

    So in summary….a great site that needs to get their technical problems resolved pronto.

  • Avatar of Jimmy O
    Jimmy O on

    Been a VIP member for 3+ years and downloaded over 10,000 Nzbs. The site is awesome and easy to use. It has had some maintenance issues lately but nothing is perfect. I’d recommend it to anybody!

  • Avatar of BettyB602
    BettyB602 on

    I’m a first time user to this site and have been well pleased with my VIP membership until lately with all the server problems. I agree with dugfreez its a great site that needs to get their technical problems resolved. I really hope they can and soon.

  • Avatar of GBJK
  • Avatar of Neko
    Neko on

    I have been a member of NZB matrix for about 2 years now… and i do leave comments on items i have found not to be worth the download time, other then that and the occasional downtime i haven’t really had any problems with it.

  • Avatar of Brad
    Brad on

    I have been with NZB matrix for over 2 years, and until recently have had no issues.

    BUT of late the site has become completely unreliable, never ending constant downtimes.

    Dont get me wrong when the site is going, its great, but it seems to be plagued with issues of late.

  • Avatar of Coldtillus
    Coldtillus on

    When it’s up and running its somewhat good.
    Recently there seems to be about a 50/50 chance that you’ll find it up and running.
    Uptime seems to becoming rarer and rarer as time goes along

  • Avatar of JohnCymru
    JohnCymru on

    The reliability problems are sorted now and the new hardware has been online for a few weeks and it is as responsive as anyone could want it to be. I’ve been VIP for two years and three days and, apart from the recent problems while the new hardware came online, it has been next to perfect. And let’s not forget the very helpful community and forum.

    To get banned from the matrix you really have to try pretty hard. Either by being repeatedly extremely obnoxious to others in general, e.g. racist, which was the case in one instance IIRC. Or you have to have majorly broken the rules in some other way, e.g. using it for commercial purposes.

    Additionally, they have a warning feature in place and, normally, it takes at least three warnings to get banned totally. You can see those with warnings by the Red Triangle with an exclamation mark next to their username in their forum posts. If the behaviour resulting in the warning stops, then eventually a warning is rescinded. So again, if you have been banned from there for good, then you obviously ignored all the warnings and effectively tried to get banned, perhaps to play the martyr, as Philip sounds like.

    One thing to note, the $10 is not for life any more for new members but is for 10 years, i.e. a dollar a year. Then again, I would still consider it a bargain if it was $10 per annum rather than the $10 for 10 years it now is.

  • Avatar of memaw
  • Avatar of HK
    HK on

    Signed up yesterday, excellent site, basically the only one you need to pay for. If it exists on usenet, Nzbmatrix will more than likely have it. Combine with nzbsu (free account), mysterbin and bin search and you are set.

  • Avatar of Sarah
    Sarah on

    I am considering membership with NZBMatrix, but am wondering now with the technical issues discussed last November…

    Can anyone tell me, have the issues been resolved yet?

  • Avatar of MyPetWussy
    MyPetWussy on

    I am actually a member of Nzbmatrix and have donated 10$ And I recently had tried to go into the IRC chat and I was asking questions! But obviously no one wanted to give me help or a chance so they disabled my voice in IRC which disabled my abilities to chat. I changed proxy to go back in IRC and they bann me. Then NZBmatrix Bans me off forums and I get this message from a moderator on
    Moderator>>>> n0de No Subject

    [Delete] [Reply] [Forward PM] [Mark As Read]

    You were banned for being a dick. Any more of this censored and we’ll just disable your account

    2012-04-24 13:51:54

    So I don’t trust NzbMatrix, 🙂 show bobs

  • Avatar of Mark
    Mark on

    I’ve been a vip member since 2008, when I donated $10, and I’ve downloaded 6,421,169,926,301 bytes (6,421.17 GB) according to my nzb server. That’s not bad for $10, which I wasn’t even required to pay to start downloading, nor have they ever hassled me for money ever. It’s a great site and I highly recommend it to anybody interested in nzb downloads. Just as an indication of the sites usefulness, I no longer have an aerial or set top box attached to my plasma TV. Nzbmatrix is free and it’s better than any other nzb site (free or payed) by a long shot, that’s why they’re No:1.

    I think a close second would be newzbin2, which I got sick of using after downloading several TV shows and movies mislabeled as English but turned out to be Dutch or German, it happens a little too often and I find it annoying. If not for that drawback I would recommend newzbin2, but it isn’t free, £4.10 for 12 weeks access.

  • Avatar of Fearganainm
    Fearganainm on

    Been a VIP member with these guys the past three yrs or so. Great indexing site, highly recommended.

  • Avatar of Craig
    Craig on

    I used this site for a while, but I had a run in with one of the Moderators, “Node” he has a very arrogant and demeaning attitude. They do not like for you to speak your mind, they can’t handle the truth, so I pulled my membership.

    There are other places out there that treat their customers with respect, NZBMatrix does not.

  • Avatar of Joe, the so and so
    Joe, the so and so on

    Most of the pro-matrix comments above are all from the same guy, who is actually on staff at the site, and is just posting under different names, and about what a great deal the vip pass is, in an effort to drive more dollars into the kitty. Hell, he’s even admitted as much on-site.

    The truth is, when the site is actually running, it’s a good, solid nzb resource, as long as you just want to find and download and then bugger off back to whatever else you have to do.

    If, however, community is important to you, personally I recommend that you steer clear, and look some place else. The site is extremely cliquish, with members basically expected to fawn all over the staff and agree with their every word and opinion like good little sycophants, and many on staff very ban happy towards anyone who dares to express a different opinion, no matter how politely put, or well worded it is, or how far that person goes out of heir way to underline that it is just their own view, and that people are free to disagree with them. Fact is, if you’re not part of the clique, and down bow down and worship at the altar of the staff, then you are playing russian roulette with your account. I don’t get involved with any of these shenanigans myself, but I have seen it unfold more times than I can count…and I’m not even paying that much attention.

    For the TLDR; crowd – if you’re just a downloader, the site is fine (when it’s working). If you like to post opinions and get involved in the community side of things, find somewhere else that’s not as outlandishly cliquish and is more accepting of people sharing different views and opinions.

  • Avatar of Beres
    Beres on

    The End…

    It is with our regret to announce that NZBMATRIX has closed.

    We have had to make this decision due to a very large takedown request from a company called Wiggin LLC. These represent the following: Federation Against Copyright Theft Limited (“FACT”), Paramount Home Entertainment International Limited; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Limited; The Walt Disney Company Limited; Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Limited; Universal Pictures (UK) Limited; Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited.

    As everyone is aware we are DMCA/Takedown notice compliant, and always have been.
    Once this notice is completed we are left with an impossible task of policing our indexing bots. Even then it won’t stop there, there will be follow-up notices etc.

    Coupled with this is problems with payment providers, we have been through pretty much everyone out there, in the end they all pull out.
    There are massive server/bandwidth costs to pay, with the payments in-stability this is a very hard task.

    NZBMATRIX has never been the subject of any legal issues or threats.

    Also the Usenet Indexing scene is going through some changes, with content being removed from pretty much every provider its making the existence of an indexer irrelevant if the content does not even exists anymore.

    So it’s time for us to bow out…

  • Avatar of Brad
  • Avatar of Robert
  • Avatar of John
  • Avatar of Myself
    Myself on

    What about the people who paid for lifetime VIP… Should get their money back because you broke the ToC.

    Not lifetime after sooo

  • Avatar of Kevin
  • Avatar of justin case
  • Avatar of bobby
  • Avatar of damn it
  • Avatar of billy

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