NZBin for Free! Limited Time

August 26, 2015

NZBin for Free Limited TimeNeed a binary downloader for your Mac? NZBin is available for free for a limited time, and it’s worth checking out.

The Program

NZBin is designed to work with NZB files. These can be downloaded from any of a number of sites and imported into the program.

Once you import the NZB, NZBin will start downloading the content it points to. It will take care of nuisances such as deleted files, repairing files, extracting content and more.

It will also detect whether files are password protected and allow you to skip downloading them. This can save a lot of time and data transfer.

The program, like many modern day binary downloaders, is easy to use and doesn’t require the technical skills that older programs used to demand.  Check out our review of NZBin for more information.


You can get the program at the iTunes store. The free offer isn’t going to last forever, so you might want to get in on it and get your copy as soon as possible.

There are a lot of great binary downloaders out there for Windows, but far fewer for Mac. Given the limited range of options, and the free price, it’s well worth it to get yourself a copy of NZBin and see how it works for you.

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