NZBGet Beta Version 15 Windows Improvements

December 19, 2014

NZBGet 14 ReleasedThere’s been a lot of talk regarding NZBGet since it will be the most efficient downloader for Usenet users. Given that Usenet provides a non-centralized network for file sharing and general discussions, any platform that will improve a user’s ability to download files is going to receive a lot of attention.

The C++ coding that went into building NZBGet had overall performance in mind, with an aim for optimum downloading speed. Better still, NZBGet promises this speed without needing as many system resources as other platforms would require. This latest beta version has been considered a success in following through on early claims.

Time will tell if NZBGet will also be able to support the Windows features most would expect. While those will no doubt be forthcoming sooner rather than later, the version 14.1 stable release didn’t include them. However, the Windows applications that have been advertised would include things like an installer specifically for that operation system and a number of functions related to an added tray (which would appear near the clock).

This newest beta version did provide plenty of other impressive features though. Automated download, for example, will include processing for unpacking and post-processing operations. New RSS filters will run duplicate checks in order to retrieve enqueuenzb-files from users’ favorite indexers automatically.

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Automation isn’t the only thing that this new version had to offer either. It’s been designed to communicate with third-party apps utilizing RPC-API. On top of that, any of the web-interface products that are built into NZBGet can be used by other programmers. As such, you can expect even greater innovations in the future. Furthermore, anyone can control NZBGet via its RPC capabilities from their own scripts.

Despite all this intricate functionality, rest assured that NZBGet will be running in your background invisibly. Like we mentioned earlier, the footprint for this new version is practically invisible too, meaning users can enjoy the product without having to allocate unnecessary resources. You can easily control it from your web browser and there will even be a smartphone app available too. For those using a terminal environment, the program will have a separate console interface.

Given this latest deployment, the future looks good for those who want more from their Usenet experience. Whether it’s forum discussions or downloading large files, NZBGet may become the preferred solution around the world, if this beta version is anything to go on.

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