NZBGet 14 Released

December 5, 2014

NZBGet 14 ReleasedIf you’re using NZBGet, you’ll want to update your version. Version 14 of this NZB software was released on November 9. This is the current stable version, so it’s ready for download as of now.

The new version provides a viable option for people looking for an easy way to manage their USENET downloads. NZBGet is compatible with much of the most popular USENET software out there. It runs in the background and is accessed via a web interface, so it should be intuitive enough for people who have used other downloaders.

There are some features in the new version that should catch the attention of people who have been using this software for some time.

Some Improvements

NZBGet will now check to see if any of the downloads it handles for you are fake. The scripts are called after every download, so this should cut down on the wasted time caused by bad files.

File verification should also be faster than it was on previous versions. The new version checks files that need par repair to determine which ones aren’t damaged. This cuts down the verification process a great deal, allowing for faster handling of downloads that have damaged content. The check is done by comparing the checksum against the checksums stored in the PAR-2 file, according to the change log for the new version.

The program even works by remote control, so you can use RPC-API to communicate with the program, offering a great deal of flexibility for users.

NZBGet Software Screenshots

• Download Lists
nzbget download lists

• NZBGet Settings
nzbget settings

• NZBGet Quick Search Setting
nzbget quick search settings


This is a free program, but remember that NZBGet, and many other useful USENET utilities, are supported by donations. If you want to try out the new version, you can go to the NZBGet page and download it and see if it works for you. It’s a popular solution for downloading off of USENET, and the new version certainly seems to have some worthy features built into it.

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