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NZBDrone reviewNZBDrone ( is an alternative to SickBeard, but it doesn’t have some of the key features of the latter program. The program is still under active development, however, so those features that it is now lacking may or may not be on their way. The program’s functionalities are largely the same as SickBeard and, if you’re an active user of that program, you may want to give NZBDrone a try to see what it’s all about.

NZBDrone is now known as Sonarr

The Basic Info

NZBDrone is a PVR for the USENET. In this regard, it is much like SickBeard. It will scan the USENET according to the parameters you set and look for videos that belong to a series that you’re watching. Upon finding them, it will download them automatically for you. The interface is quite a bit different than SickBeard’s however. – Read detailed review of SickBeard here.

User feedback about the interface is mixed. Those users who like the Windows 8 look will likely enjoy the interface, which is clean and simple and makes it easy to work the program. Those who prefer things a bit more advanced will likely prefer the Sickbeard interface, which is more detailed and has more of a pre-Windows 8 feel to it.

The program does a lot of what SickBeard does, including downloading and renaming files according to your settings. Set up and configuration are not difficult and there are online resources to help if you run into problems. With the program still being actively developed, there will likely be more features on the way and any issues may well be quickly resolved due to the ongoing development.

On a good note, one user complained on Reddit about an issue they were having and got a speedy answer from the developers, which is always a good sign.


SickBeard has some additional features that are lacking thus far in NZBDrone. SickBeard can work with torrents or USENET service, so it does have a lot more flexibility in that regard. For those users who are mostly hooked into their USENET connections for downloading videos, however, this really may not be an issue at all.

NZBDrone has some interesting features and it has a much different look than SickBeard, which may appeal to some users. If you’ve been looking for a change of pace, you might want to check it out. It is being developed, however, so expect that not quite everything will be smooth as of yet, but changes and improvements are likely on the way.

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NZBDrone News and Updates

NZBDrone is now known as Sonarr — November 2014 Update

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