NZBDrone or Sickbeard?

August 7, 2014

NZBDrone and Sickbeard, it should be said, are both excellent programs. Each of them has features, some of them overlapping, that offer a lot of convenience for a very little bit of setup work. Once either of them is set up and running, they’re each great options for a PVR. They work with newsgroups, allowing users to automatically download video files as they become available. Here are some reasons that you might want to try one or the other.

NZBDrone and SickbeardThe Basics

To use either program, you’ll have to have a USENET access provider. Any of our preferred providers are good choices. Make sure they have SSL encryption available. When you’re configuring your downloader, remember to set it up so that it uses the SSL port—or encrypted port—on your provider’s list of servers. You can usually find the instructions in the help section of their site.

Once you have it going, you’ll want to get SABnzbd. If you already have it, either of these programs will work with SABnzbd, so you get to use one of the best downloaders out there, no matter which one you choose.

The Operation

Once either of these programs is set up, they’re very straightforward to use. Either of them will monitor newsgroups for episodes of TV shows you enter into them. When they come available, the program will automatically download them. Searching for the shows is easy and both programs have good calendaring features.

One of the biggest differences, and the one that, perhaps, gives NZBDrone a slight edge, is how failed downloads are handled. If there is something wrong with the file, it is passsworded or something else makes it unusable, NZBDrone will look for a good version. It even keeps track of failed downloads so that it doesn’t keep downloading the same version of a file over and over again.

There are plenty of reasons that either might be a good choice for you. Sickbeard is more developed and has a very loyal user base, and for good reason. It’s easy to figure out and, once you have to set up, you generally don’t have to think about it. NZBDrone ensures that, when you go to watch something, there’s a good version of it on your drive for you to check out.

NZBDrone might have a slight edge right now, but both of these programs are worth trying out if you haven’t done so yet.

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