NZB Unity Review

NZB Unity ReviewNZB Unity is an app for Android, Cydia and iOS devices that allows you to bring together some of the most popular USENET programs. They include CouchPotato, SABnzbd and Headphones. The program formerly worked with NZBMatrix but was recently changed and no longer does, as the site is gone.

This program has gotten some very enthusiastic reactions and has been constantly improved since it was released. Quite a few bugs have been cleaned up by the developer in the most recent release, which should make it much easier to use.

The Cydia and iOS apps are not related to the Android version. It was developed separately and, at the time, the developer didn’t realize that there was an app with the same name.

NZB Unity screenshot

Using the Android App

The Android app lays out everything for you very nicely, providing a clean interface where you can manage the various programs it interacts with. It allows you to configure the programs, manage your shows, search for NZB files and more. It’s very flexible in this regard, putting the power of your USENET programs into a handy mobile-sized package.

It’s entirely set up and ready to go when you get it, all you have to do is fill in the user-specific information and you can start working with your programs. Before you get started with either version, however, you should know about the development process and where it’s at.

Running the App

These apps are very new and being developed at present, so the user is invariably going to run into some bugs here and there. Make sure to check the details of your configuration if you’re running into trouble. The developers have proven responsive and are trying to get them working as well as they can.

The app does have some competitors on the market, as well, so there are options if this one doesn’t happen to work well with your mobile device or if you just want to try out a few different options to see what’s out there. Users on various forums have had good results experimenting with the Android version of NZB Unity and it just might simplify your life a bit once you start using it. You can download the latest version from the Google Play store —see download link below. It’s currently in version 5.3.4 and works with Android versions 2.1 and up, and has at least 50,000 installs already, according to the site.

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