NZB Trend Review

NZB Trend ReviewNZB trend is an app for Android devices that gives another option in terms of how you can utilize USENET. While most websites have long ago added a functionality that allows their visitors to view content based on what’s popular, this has been sorely absent from the USENET experience. This is what NZB Trend is designed to change. The app allows you to browse USENET content based on what people are downloading at the moment.

The App

The App is programmed in Android Studio, which means Java, in other words. According to the developers, the backend processing applications were coded in C#. Its’ compatible with older versions of Android, so people who don’t update their smartphones with every new version will be happy to find it completely installable on their devices, in all likelihood.

The app uses several different indexers to figure out what releases are most popular on USENET. There are several categories that Trend can provide, including Movies, Music, Games, Television Shows and a broader “Other” category. EBooks are expected to be added soon, though they’ll appear under “Other” for the time being.

The developers are planning on releasing a Pro version—which will be paid—that will allow more than browsing. According to the developers, the pro version will be expanded so that users can download NZB files, so that they can customize their indexers and, most importantly, so that they can integrate with apps like Couchpotato, SABNZBD and others. This should make it quite practical for users who want to make as much of their USENET experience as possible a mobile one. The developers do not have a release date set for the Pro version as of yet, but the version that’s currently available is certainly interesting.

When you do get a popular listing, you can get the IMDB link, along with the cover art, the name of the release and more. The app even tells you if the file has a password on it, so you can avoid all the pointless RAR spam on some newsgroups.

NZB Trend Screenshots

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Overall Impression

This is a good idea put into app form. USENET is one of the best systems out there, by far, and it has been so since it came out in the 80s. It never really got the same user-friendliness overhaul that the Internet did, however, and apps like NZB Trend could change that. Being able to browse the USENET in a more efficient way can change the experience remarkably, and this app does provide a way to do just that.

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