NZB Sites List Updated

August 29, 2018

NZB sites tend to come and go. We’ve updated our list so that you can stay informed of the sites that are up and running, as well as get information on the quality of those sites and which might make a good choice for you. Check alongside the rating for any of the sites that appear on our list and you’ll get a status that lets you know whether or not the site is open, closed or dead.


Right now, we have 27 open NZB sites on our list. There are 12 sites that are closed at present and 16 of them are dead, not being available in any regard.

Overall, that gives you 55 reviews to take a look at to see whether or not any of those sites is right for you.

NZB Sites List Updated

Check Out the Reviews

Our reviews of NZB sites have detailed information about the site, features and what it offers. Where possible, information directly from the developers and administrators is included to ensure that you get the best overview of the site.

We’ve just updated the list, so be sure to check it out and see what kind of NZB sites are out there, whether or not they’d suit your needs and their current status. The list is always being updated, so you can be sure that you’re getting current information.

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