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Price $12/Yr
Retention 1500 Days
Features Free membership/Accepted
More than 200k NZBs/ Good
Platform Newznab+ closed down in 2013. The site had good hardware, more than 200K NZBs and indexed more than 62 groups. It also did a great job of keeping spam off of the indexes. The site had free membership for everyone, but it did take donations from those who wanted to support it. The plan was to switch over to an invite-only design, but the site went offline and, today, there’s nothing at the domain. There are plenty of other options, however.

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  • Avatar of WZ
    WZ on

    This site doesn’t exist anymore (for a while now), after, the owner renamed it to Hydramind, this site existed for a month or so and then the owner renamed it to (private). This site also was active for 3-4 weeks and since a week ago you’ll see a blanc page when entering this site.

    I don’t think this site will come back, and even if it does, I would think twice to donate. The owner wasn’t around much either when site was online. Too bad I donated, that was money not well spend…

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