Shuts Down for good

November 29, 2017 is shutting down. The indexer sent out a tweet announcing the shutdown on February 7. The site, as the tweet says, has been around for six years now.

In a statement, said the site was shutting down due to the personal risk involved in running an indexer.

The site will shut down over the coming weeks. After the data is relocated, a version of it will be put back online, but the full version of will be gone for good.

The developer might connect with users via the API. As the site is shutting down, users can check the site forums—click here—or the site’s Twitter feed, click here for that.


If you need to communicate with the folks behind the indexer, they suggest using the forum for the best results.

There Are Still Plenty of Indexers

We keep an updated list of NZB indexers that you can check out by clicking here.

We give all the information you need to get started, from how you get a membership to what kind of downloaders the site works with.

It’s always sad to see a good indexer go, but good luck to the crew at in the future.

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