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Update May 1 2012

NGIndex has been down since the beginning of 2012. No word if they will be online again. Here is the message they have on their website.

We have had a complete failure on our index servers hard disk array

NGindex provides the user with access to more than 800 days of binary retention, throughout over 1200 newsgroups. For monthly cost of $1.39, the provide the access to usenet search engine, but additionally, over million images are available as well (these images can be viewed either as thumbnails or full size images).

NGIndex’s servers carry more than 1.5 million of .nfo files. All that needs to be done is to perform a search query and download corresponding nzb file into newsreader.

Finally, they allow the user to set up e-mail alert which is sent on user’s e-mail address once the new post matching search query is found.

NGindex Review Quick Facts

  • 800 days of binary retention
  • More than 1200 available newsgroups
  • More than 1.5 million .nfo files
  • Browsing of either thumbnails or full size images
  • Viewing images and .nfo files


How to use NGindex:

In order to find some particular topic, all that needs to be done is to click the search link at the top of NGindex’s homepage. The search engine allows several filters as well, such as date, set size, files in set, output format, posts information and others. Once the required parameters are put, it is required to press ž searchœ button and the results will appear. Once of the search engine returns the results, the user has to click on desired file and download NZB file.

NGindex in action (below)


Advanced searching / browsing options:

  • Search by files in set from 1 file to 200 files
  • Search by set size from 1Kb to 7GB

How to configure RSS feeds and NGindex

RSS feed option is not available at this time.

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3 Comments about NGIndex Review

  1. Tom Kol on May 1st, 2012

    Over the last year they were terrible then they closed their site saying We have had a complete failure on our index servers hard disk array. We are in the process of recovering data. All credit use on accounts has been paused. We will keep this message up to date as things progress. This was months ago.

  2. Marion Marshall on May 1st, 2012

    Thanks Tom Kol

    I will be updating this review very soon. Thanks Again.

  3. bill harris on June 14th, 2012

    These people are thieves, pure and simple. They had people pay in advance, then they took the money and ran. Two weeks ago, our company contacted law enforcement to initiate fraud charges against them.

    With any luck, even if we don’t get service or money, we will put some of them into prison.

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