NGD June Sale: $30 per Terabyte

June 4, 2014

NGD June SaleNGD—also known as NewsgroupDirectis having a sale to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The anniversary is in June, but you can take advantage of the sale from now until June 10 ,2014.

For $30, you can purchase 1 TB of block access from this USENET provider. This is the cheapest price they have going, and it’s even lower than their usual Terabyte Tuesday sales, so you’ll want to jump on board if you have the chance.

You can take advantage of the sale by purchasing here.

Why Block Access?

Block access is a great option for people who don’t want to have a monthly subscription fee charged to their card or account. It’s also convenient for those who might be moving around a lot—college students, for example—as it allows them to get as much access as they need in one purchase rather than getting a subscription, which might require frequent changes in billing information if they happen to change addresses a great deal.

A full terabyte is a lot of downloads, so this is a good deal, for certain. NGD is a solid provider. You can read our full review of their service here.

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