NewzNZB Open to Registrations

September 9, 2015

NewzNZB is open to registrations. You can check out our review on this NZB site for more information but, with a spam-free index and a good community to boot, it’s worth checking out.

New invite code: 3ff4a7420b192ab27135182503bd8db79debe98



Head over to to sign up. You’ll need to have 1 euro in Bitcoin —it’s the only payment they accept—to join the site. In return you get:

  • API/RSS integration
  • Compatibility with the most popular NZB binary downloaders
  • Language and category filters
  • Re-upload bot: re-uploads once releases are one-year old
  • No spam! User-generated index
  • No limits on downloads
  • Custom interface

This NZB site has quite a few advantages over some of the competition. If you want another option or a first option, it’s worth your time.

They now have 6 uploading BOTS so our site is unique in content term. They claim that no other site has as much content.  In addition to faster indexing of releases that have various backfilling bots and over 2 million releases.

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