Newzbin2 Relocates From .Com To .Es

October 18, 2017

If your favorite is Newzbin, and you’ve tried to access their website at and recieved something like what we are showing to the right…DO NOT PANIC. Newzbin2 at their .com address doesn’t exist anymore, but they do exist at They said in an announcement that there were starting to be issues in the U.S. so they had to change their domain.

The Announcement Called Them “Retards”

Their initial announcement from Mr. White, one of the head developers, and speaker for the group, laid the blame completely on the U.S. Government and the MPA. The statement read:

“We regret the need to do this but, thanks to the retards in the US Government and the MPA, a ‘.com™ address is no longer viable. Really, any domain controlled by the US government proxy Verisign isn™t viable.”

“For the next couple of weeks we are undertaking preparations for the move. We will switch shortly after that. For legal reasons the defunct ˜™ page will not do any redirects or give links to the new sites. If you wish you can start using the .es domain straight away.”

The New Domain

We checked out their new domain, and everything seemed to be back to normal, while they said they would keep the old domain though, you can see the contents of that place now. The search speeds, and newsgroups didn’t suffer any from this move. We’ve been wondering what the next move that the MPA/RIAA conglomerates were going to make, and now we are all wondering how they will answer this.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to reflect the domain name change, and check back here frequently to find out what the next move these clowns, (MPA/RIAA,) are going to make. If you would like to know more about Newzbin2 and the indexing services they offer you can learn all about them in our Newzbin2 Review.

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