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March 7, 2012

Just a little reminder about the relocation of the Newzbin2 website from the dotcom, (.com,) to the .es servers. It seems as if some may have not gotten the messages when they were first sent out, and since Newzbin2 reminded us, we thought we should remind you about it, also. In their reminder the reiterated the issues that they are having with the U.S.a government…an issue that is starting to become a global rash.

Since The First Announcement

In their first announcement the group spokesman, Mr. White, was harsh in his complaint concerning the intrusions by the government and MPA. In the official statement he called the officials making the decisions “retards,” and said that using the proxy from Verisign wasn’t viable anymore. Right after the release of the statement the move started. The new .es was available immediately, but with some small functional liabilities.

No Liabilities We Noticed

We haven’t noticed any kind of liability since the very beginning. We made the adjustments in our bookmarks, and up to this date we have experienced any kind of problems. The transfer is complete now, according to their e-mail…and the government and MPA still are “retards,” that according to us.

Just a Bit About Newzbin2

Newzbin2 is simply a search index, (engine,) for NZB files. Newzbin invented the NZB file format…this file points to all the parts of anything you want to download. If you want a full copy of he Linux Debian “Lenny” distro, the NZB files they would have on file would need to be placed, (or imported,) into a program that will download the contents of that file. They assert that they do not host any of the files that are available for download, only an index, (list,) of the NZB files available that will point to the files.

The search engine will search as far back as 430 days, which seems short if compared to others offering up to 700 days, but they do have free account that has limited features.

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