NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 21 released

December 19, 2010

NewsLeecher development team keeps releasing new versions of their popular application. Their latest edition carries the number 4.0, but it is still in beta status. Regardless, 21 beta editions were released so far. Some versions have new features implemented, bugs are regularly fixed, sometimes some features are removed, etc.

NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 21 was released on October 9th .In that version, the following features were added:

  • New startup splash screen.
  • NewsLeecher now supports the Windows 7 taskbar progress bar (the program uses it for download progress)

Further, the following bugs were fixed:

  • NewsLeecher would return an error, if a group cache was wiped while the group was active.
  • Bug where NewsLeecher sometimes auto-paused PAR2 articles  when added to the queue, even though it shouldn’t.
  • The “Leech Raw” feature didn’t work properly when multiple articles were selected.

NewsLeecher V4.0 Beta 21 is available for download on their official website.

Newsleecher is a premium Usenet provider that works with the Windows operating system. Newsleecher is thought of by most to be a combination that client used to both read and download binary text and files. Newsleecher will basically fetch and manage your files that you retrieve or load to Usenet.

We have detailed review on Newsleecher so feel free to check, but do not hesitate to check our list of various popular Usenet newsreaders as well.

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