Newsleecher Launches USENET Service

December 28, 2012

Newsleecher may be a name that many people recognize as a newsreader and search service for the USENET, but they have recently added a new service: USENET access. The new packages include unlimited USENET access with 256-bit SSL encryption and access to nearly 110,000 USENET newsgroups.

The Service

The Newsleecher USENET service offers up to 30 connections and unlimited download speed. Binary retention is approximately 1,600 days, according to the company. The USENET access, according to the packages offered by the company, is optimized for the Newsleecher software.

The company also offers the newsreader client by itself for $2.99 per month and the client plus the SuperSearch service for $3.99 per month at present, any USENET package can be purchased with a 14 gigabyte free trial, which will expire in 14 days if the entire download bandwidth allotted is not used up.

There is also a special price available on USENET access until March 1, 2013. New and old accounts will receive a special price of $8.49 per month for unlimited USENET access. After the discounted trial period expires, however, the cost of user access increases to $12.49 per month, keeping the unlimited downloads and searches.


There have been some objections raised to the new pricing models by users of the Newsleecher newsreader. Formerly, you could purchase a client license for the newsreader for $19.99 per year or get the client and the SuperSearch feature for $29.99 per year. The old price for the client and the search feature on a monthly basis was $2.99 per month.

Under the new pricing model, the client license alone costs $2.99 per month and the client and the search feature cost $3.99 per month. USENET access by itself costs $9.49 per month and USENET with the client and the search feature costs $12.49 per month. Existing members will end up paying the increased prices, along with new members.


At this point, we recommend the Newshosting USENET/newsreader combo more than we can recommend the Newsleecher service. Newsbin is also an excellent newsreader, having been around for a very long time and, on top of that, the code for Newsbin tends to be updated more regularly than the code for Newsleecher is updated. The new service may be interesting to some users but, overall, with the price increase, there are better options available for people who want to get unlimited USENET access along with a newsreader and a search service.

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