NewsLeecher Adds In A New SuperSearch It, And Gets The Holiday Spirit

October 29, 2012

In the last few weeks NewsLeecher developers have been busy with several feature add-ons that many of their customers have found quite useful, and we thought we would outline them here for those that haven’t got the message yet.

SuperSearch It, No Headers And Fast

Several betas have been released lately, most notably version 5 beta 7 and beta 8. With the beta 7 version a new feature called SuperSearch It has been added. This is a search feature that will work with all tab views in NewsLeecher. Searching for specific poster names, groups, or article subjects is super easy now. Using the SuperSearch It, browsing entire groups or the results returned is fast as it can be, and no headers will have to be retrieved. Accessing the SuperSearch feature is as easy as clicking on the lightning bolt icon, or the keyboard shortcut, the F4 button.

Happy Holidays, A New Theme

In the NewsLeecher version 5 beta 8 you will not only find the SuperSearch feature, but also an added theme to the newsreader. Their holiday theme includes falling snow, which can be turned off if it distracts too much. Other themes and GUI improvements have also been added and can be found in the Settings ==> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks ==> GUI Theme allowed. The GUI can also be placed in compact mode. They made a lot of changes in the GUI in the beta 8 release.

Repair And Extract Destination Manager

In the version 5 beta 7 there is also another cool feature, the R & E Destination Manager. This will allow you to repair then extract a file to a specific destination based on keywords being matched in the article subjects. They have tried to retain a backward looking compatibility, so when you get the beta 7 the old settings you had will be maintained in the client.

There are other improvements, though not so exciting. Mostly compacting and cleaning up the coding, but the client works great and now looks really cool. If you would like to know more about getting Usent access, or the NewsLeecher newsreader, you can learn more on our website, or on our page where we review NewsLeecher

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