NewsLeecher 4.0 Final Released

December 6, 2010

On November 30, NewsLeecher V4.0 Final became available for download. NewsLeecher  is an award winning application, able to download articles from Usenet groups or NZB files. Furthermore, it automatically unpacks downloads if needed, and provides a search feature.

Due to this event, NewsLeecher development team announced release statement on their official website:

If you install this release on top of an earlier release of NewsLeecher, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your NewsLeecher settings and data first. Also, since this release of NewsLeecher uses a new cache system over the earlier NewsLeecher V3.9 Final, old group caches and queues will not be compatible. This isn’t a problem with earlier NewsLeecher V4.0 betas though. Enjoy the final release, and look out for the NewsLeecher V5.0 betas, which we’ve already begun working on.

Newsleecher is a premium Usenet provider that works with the Windows operating system. Newsleecher is thought of by most to be a combination that client used to both read and download binary text and files. Newsleecher will basically fetch and manage your files that you retrieve or load to Usenet.

The Newsleecher software will assemble and decode all the downloads for you and makes sure that the information is available to you very quickly.

The interface is designed with both the light user and the heavy Usenet user in mind and they do have a free trial for those that are new to the whole system. The free trial means that you can try out Usenet and Newsleech without the commitment.

Some of the features of Newsleecher really do set it aside from other access providers. One noticeable feature is that it is completely free of any spyware or adware. What does that mean to you? It means that you can be sure you are not going to be logged and watched with anything you do on the Usenet.

Find out more by reading our detailed Newsleecher Review, but you might want to check our list of the various popular Usenet newsreaders as well.

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