Newshosting Upgrades their Newsreader

May 12, 2013

Newshosting Upgrades their NewsreaderNewshosting is the latest provider to upgrade their newsreader. The new version of their newsreader makes it possible to conduct automatic searches. This is a feature that Newsbin recently added to its newsreader, as well, and one that’s likely to be more popular in the future as the convenience it offers becomes more apparent to users.

The Newshosting Automatic Search

The automatic search feature is in beta at the moment, but it has quite a few features that users might find interesting. You can set up the newsreader so that it checks for your content automatically. When it finds that the content has been posted, it will download it for you on its own.

The USENET newsreader is also able to set up automatic searches based on date and size, so you’ll be able to be specific with what you want to download. The newsreader also gives you the option to download everything that matches your search results or to download only one of the matching posts. This should enable users to either guarantee that they get what they want automatically downloaded or that they save space by downloading only one version of the binary or post they’re after.

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Automatic Search Popularity

Automatic searching and downloading are likely to become more popular in the near future. With many of the NZB sites being closed down almost as soon as they open up, it provides a very fast and convenient way to get the content that you’re looking for.

The automatic search also ensures that you don’t miss out on a post that you want because of it being deleted soon after being posted to the USENET system. This is great for people who are following videos or other content that they want to make sure gets downloaded as soon as it becomes available on the system.

To use any of these features, you’ll need to sign up with a USENET provider. Newshosting includes their newsreader with the subscription cost, so you can start using an automated search feature right away by downloading the newest version of their newsreader. Newsbin also offers an automatic search and download feature. That newsreader requires a fee to get the pro version with all of the features, but can be used with any USENET access service. Either way, the automatic search feature is likely to be added to more newsreaders in the near future, owing to its convenience.

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