Newshosting now Including FreeVPN

May 30, 2017

Newshosting has a new offer that allows you to get VPN and USENET access in one package. What’s more, the discount you get is definitely impressive, so you might want to take a look at this new offer.

There are two different ways you can take advantage of this. You can use the Newshosting package that offers unlimited USENET for $9.99 per month and add VPN for $4.99 each month. If you want to buy ahead and save, you can get an unlimited USENET package for a year for $99.99 and they’ll throw in the VPN for free.

There’s real value here, particularly for those who might not have a VPN service and who want to make getting one as easy—and cheap—as possible. -Read full review of Newshosting here.

Newshosting now Include FreeVPN

The VPN Service

The VPN service being offered is on par with anything else out there. It has servers spread across 17 different nations. That allows you plenty of choices in terms of where you wish to connect and, of course, that’s great if you’re trying to get around geo-restrictions on content.

The VPN comes with its own software, so you don’t have to deal with a manual setup. It also supports OpenVPN, L2TPm and PPTP, so you have all the options you’d get with a competitive VPN provider in regard to protocols. Add to that that you can connect from two different devices simultaneously and you have a great product.

You can switch servers as much as you like, no one meters your bandwidth and you get customer support around the clock. In every regard, including the price, this is a great deal.

Newshosting USENET

Newshosting already offers very inexpensive USENET access and it comes with encryption, so your privacy is protected. The company has plenty of other great deals, but you might want to get this combo option if you don’t have USENET or VPN, or if you already have Newshosting but no VPN.

VPN and the encryption used on Newshosting’s USENET service are both powerful tools for protecting your privacy. Your USENET access is already locked down with this provider. Adding the VPN means that the rest of your network communications are, as well, and that’s a powerful thing for peace of mind


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