Newshosting Newsreader has Major Upgrades

May 30, 2017

Newshosting Logo 2014If you’re using the Newshosting newsreader, there are some major upgrades with the new version that you’ll want to know about, some of which will make using the software a lot faster and easier.

Password Improvements

If you’re getting annoyed by the password-protected RAR files found in some newsgroups, there are some improvements to Newshosting’s newsreader in that regard. The program now offers a password dialogue for those RARs, making it easier to pen them. If the password is provided in the film name or in the NZB metadata for the binary, the newsreader will now grab it for you.

The new version also has an upgraded UnRAR package and takes care of PAR2 process faster than the old version. Between that and the improved password-protected RAR file handling, it should be a lot easier to handle downloads.

Newshosting Newsreader UpgradesBug Fixes

The new version takes care of some bugs, as well. A font display issue that had been affecting OS X Mavericks 10.9 user has been taken care of. If your Linux box was having problem s repairing PAR2 files, the bug that was causing that has been taken care of, as well.

The validation period problem for auto searches has been fixed and a bud that prevented multiple file groups from being added to your favorites has also been taken care of.


If you want to upgrade your Newshosting newsreader, you can do so from your account control panel. You can also just launch the software, which will start the update process automatically, if you find it more convenient.

The newsreader comes along with all Newshosting’s plans. You can take a look at it by signing up for the free trial if you’re not ready to get an account yet.

The newsreader is set up for the Newshosting servers, so you don’t have to configure anything. It has an advanced search built into it or, if you just need do to a basic search, you can use the quick search feature. It offers previews of the results and can even handle auto searches and transfers. It also takes care of PAR and RAR files for you and allows you to drag and drop or manually import any NZBs you want to use.

This is a full featured newsreader and a nice enhancement to the Newshosting service. If you’re not particularly experienced with using USENET, these types of bundled newsreaders can greatly reduce the learning curve.

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