Newshosting Introduces New Tool To Assist In Account Selection

June 9, 2017

If you are new to Usenet it can become very confusing quickly when you are selecting the provider you will use and the account type you will need. There are so many providers and every one has differing access packages to suit the individual customers needs. Now Newshosting has released a tool to help you determine the type of account you will need to give you the right level of access.

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The Customizer

The NH Plan Customizer uses five simple questions about their services you plan to use. Through your answers the tool will be able to tell you if you need their Lite, Unlimited, or XL Powerpack plans to suit the level of access you desire. First we will tell you about the packages that Newshosting has available, then we will list the 5 questions and how they pertain to your account.

Newshosting’s Three Levels Of Access

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  • NH’s Lite Account This gives the user 50 GB per month, 30 concurrent connections, and free SSL. Remaining GB’s roll over to next month.
  • NH’s Unlimited Account You get unlimited access with up to 60 simultaneous connections, and free SSL encryption.
  • NH’s XL Powerpack For the serious user. Unlimited Usenet access, up to 60 connections, free SSL, and free Easynews web based access to usenet.

NH Plan Customizer Questions (Q) And Explanations (E)

Q) Would you like to be able to search, preview, view and download files straight from your web browser?

E) If you wish to use your web browser, such as Firefox, or IE, you can. But you must have Easynews to do it. The XL Powerpack is the only account that will work for you from Newshosting.

Q) œHow often do you download files?

E) If you find you like to download a lot of mp3’s, or movies, you may want to go with one of their unlimited accounts instead of metered. On the other hand though, if you will mainly use the service for the discussion groups, a metered account may work just fine.

Q) Would you like your Usenet experience to be private and completely secure?

E) This is almost a non-question as all three account levels have SSL included. But it does bring their security features to mind.

Q) Does your internet service provider ever throttle your internet speed?

E) If you have ever been throttled, choked, or had your ISP shape your connection in any way, you’ll appreciate the alternate ports Newshosting has available. The come in both flavors too, secured, (443,) and standard (ports 23,25,80,and 3128.)

Q) How long do you plan to access the Usenet? (You receive discounts for 6 months or more usage.)

E) If you intend to have access for more than 6 months, Newshosting offers discounts for 6 month and annual account purchases. You can save in the area of $50 on an annual XL Powerpack and $25 on the Unlimited account.

Great Tool For Those Confused About Their Needs

In the end, this is a great tool for someone who has little or no experience with Usenet and purchasing access from the various providers. If you would like more info on Newshosting check out our review of their service. One final thing of not is that for a limited time Newshosting is offering their NH Unlimited account for only $9.99…a price that will be good for the life of the account.

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