Newshosting Client Comes Out Of Beta Testing Free For Members Now

October 5, 2011

We told you earlier about the new Newshosting client and the beta test they were running, right? Well, it looks as if the developers are happy enough with the performance of the client to release it from the beta. And, Newshosting is offering it to all their new customers, and old customers alike, for free. Before they released it from beta they did do a few improvements, along with all the great features it had already. Here’s the short list of some of the new features, and some of the more sought after others.


What’s In The Package

  • The client will now create sub-folders according to date or newsgroup in the downloads folder.
  • Sort downloads by file type.
  • Minimize-to-tray now functioning.
  • Fast file searching, preview, and automatic thumbnails.
  • Text and binary newsgroup support.
  • Posting direct to newsgroups supported within the client.
  • Automatically unpacks RAR’s and PAR’s.

Just For The Parents…

The Safe Search function is one we would like to point out separately, here. It is an excellent filter to remove any unwanted pornography from the searches, but it does have it’s limitations. Completely filtering out such unwanted sites can be said to be a never ending task that no filters could guarantee. That said, the Safe Search feature is an excellent addition to the client, and it does work quite well.

Newshosting has taken more than just a couple of large steps in their efforts to provide great service and product at an affordable price for the last two years, and in this fact we must commend them. Their continued drive for excellence in their customers Usenet experience has brought them from virtual non-existence up to being one of the largest Usenet providers going.

Learn more about Newshosting Here

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