NewsGroup Direct Offers Discounted Block Internet

August 13, 2013

NewsGroup Direct Offers Discounted Block InternetNewsGroup Direct is offering 500 GB of USENET download for $20. NGD offers 1,805 days of retention. They have good speed and good completion rates, as well. The company is offering this price on block Internet access until August 5, 2013, with the sale officially ending at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

If you go ahead and take advantage of this offer, the Internet access never expires until you use it up. If you’re heading off to college or just want block USENET access that you can use up whenever you wish without worrying about it expiring, this is a decent price for block USENET access. 500 GB for $20 is a competitive price by any measure.

If you don’t manage to take advantage of the sale, you might also want to check out Astraweb. They frequently offer deals on their block USENET access and, just like NGD, the block of USENET download bandwidth you purchase from Astraweb never expires. They currently offer several discounted packages, including block access, and they have retention rates of more than 1800 days, as well.

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