Newsflash Plus Review

Newsflash Plus Review
4.5 / 5
Newsflash Plus Review
Rating 4.5 Stars
Price Free
Features Fast browsing, Full
Embedded Python engine
Easy API for beginners
Search RSS and Headers

Newsflash Plus is a binary newsreader with a very streamlined design. It comes with a registration option, but all of the features are available in the free, ad-supported version.


Newsflash Plus comes in a 32-bit Windows version and a 32-bit Linux version. It requires the Microsoft C++ 2008 Redistributable to run.

Installation is fast and straightforward. System requirements are minimal: 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 36MB of hard drive space.

Using the Program

NewsFlash Welcome

Newsflash Plus has a simple account setup screen that allows you to choose between standard and encrypted servers and to plug in your login information. Once you provide the info, you’re set to go.
The interface is tabbed, making it easy to switch between the various screens. Once you’re set up, you can go to the News tab to select from your service’s available list of newsgroups.


The Downloads tab provides an easy way to monitor your downloads and connections.


The Settings screen allows you to customize the program’s interface and options, including selecting from several different skins.


Technical Details

Newsflash Plus has a range of impressive search features. It allows you to use RSS, headers and a search tab to find the binaries you want and can manage them for you when they download. It has several different performance-enhancing features built into it, as well, including memory management.

This is not an automatic downloader that runs in the background, so it might not be the ideal solution for people who want something that hums along, searching for and downloading binaries while the user goes about their business. It is, however, rather feature rich and comes with support from the developer.

The developer has built Newsflash Plus over the course of 1.5 years, releasing several alphas before putting out the current, 4.0.0 version.

Newsflash Plus is developed entirely on Linux, so the occasional Windows bug does make it through, but the developer is responsive in dealing with these, so reporting them is worth it. There are currently no plans in place to release a Macintosh version of Newsflash Plus.

New Features as of version 4.1.0

  • Newsgroup listing has more information and options. Adds category
    information for groups and filtering options.
  • New history component that tracks your downloads and optional can check
    for duplicate downloads.
  • Nzb drag and drop options for either downloading or viewing content.
  • TV Series lookup through (same as for movies)


Newsflash Plus is a rich-client newsgroup binary downloader with some impressive performance and use features. It’s available for Windows and Linux and built on C++. The free version comes with all the features, but is ad supported. The paid version takes the advertisements out of the interface.

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7 Comments about Newsflash Plus Review

  • Avatar of Chris
    Chris on

    I am not new to USENET. Been on it since 1998 using Netscape. Only recently have i been interested in doing more. I have down loaded and tried both paid and free USENET clients being new to how to down load videos. By far at least from a novice standpoint wishing to learn quickly Newsflash Plus blows the rest away in ease of use. It is intuitive and easy to learn but great features. My biggest complaints with their competitors are the limited groups they find, Newsflash has so far found the most groups. Also the limited amounted of “messages” Newsflash found the most per group. The Newsflash reader interface appeals to a logical mind. Over all if I had to pay for it I would in a heart beat. I just wish I knew how to unrar with it then it would be perfect. I love when you down load a Jpeg it automatically comes up with “fax viewer” to show the picture so you can either erase it or keep it or even know what you down loaded.

  • Avatar of Chris
    Chris on

    To add to my last comment i now know how to unrar so it is perfect. Now again i recommend it and at this posting i have been using it a while and am still just as happy

  • Avatar of res0r9lm
  • Avatar of christian
    christian on

    It is a simple yet full functional Usenet client. I love it and have tried more complicated ones. Newsflash does pretty well everything automatically. As a beginner i started with newsflash which is very intuitive which helped me get from knowing NOTHING about Usenet to figuring it all out in a couple of weeks. I still use it. I do however hope that Newsflash does grow a bit in the future.

  • Avatar of Ensisoft
  • Avatar of risky biz
  • Avatar of jukin
    jukin on

    Had to give up trying to install. Norton red flagging so many file. Finally managed to restore all the dll files but it just kept on deleting newsflash.exe. I added it as an app exception, no good. Looks like a pretty good app but thanks to Norton I can’t use it.

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