NewsDemon’s New Year’s Sale

January 9, 2015

NewsDemon New Year SaleThere’s good news for those who have Christmas money burning a hole through their pockets or otherwise didn’t get what they wanted under the tree. NewsDemon is currently throwing an End of the Year Sale that promises two very impressive deals.

The first deal is for unlimited Usenet access for only $9.99a month. However, that number also covers unlimited online storage as well. You can’t argue with such a low price for two great services.

That being said, NewsDemon apparently does think you can add to it. This is why they’re offering a second deal where you can get the above package plus unlimited VPN for just $3 more a month. The VPN alone is worth more than the entire deal combined, but during this limited opportunity, NewsDemon will give you the whole thing for only $12.99 a month.

For years, NewsDemon has been winning over fans thanks to their UseNet services. Their network speed is practically unrivaled and they complement it nicely thanks to their unwavering reliability.

If you go with their Unlimited Usenet special option, NewsDemon gives you more than 2,300 days worth of binary retention. On top of that, you’ll get a free copy of the always impressive News Rover newsreader, unlimited online storage and 50 connections every month, all for the low price of $9.99. –Read details here.

While both deals are great, obviously, the distinguishing factor is going to be whether or not you want a virtual private network or not. Like we said, though, at just $3 a month, it makes a lot of sense to opt for it. Even if you haven’t given VPN a lot of thought in the past, you may decide you want it at some point in the coming year and it’s unlikely you’ll get it for such a great price and from such a respected company.

Furthermore, this isn’t some run-of-the-mill VPN. NewsDemon formed a partnership with SlickVPN to give customers full access to the company’s global servers. They can also offer a customized Windows client so you can connect to every server location you choose. SlickVPN supports PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.

Again, one more time, the two deals, compared to their normal prices:

Unlimited Usenet including online storage: $9.99 vs. $13/month
Unlimited Usenet including online storage and VPN: $12.99 vs. $18/month

This is too good of a deal to ignore, so if you’re in the market for Usenet, online storage or VPN, it would make a lot of sense to take advantage of this opportunity now.

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