NewsDemon Launches Non-Expiring Block Access

September 30, 2013

NewsDemon Launches Non-Expiring Block AccessNewsDemon has a great deal available if you’re looking for block USENET access. Their new product offers a non-expiring 1TB block of USENET access for $35.00. This is a good price on that much data, for certain, and it’s likely to be quite convenient for some users.

NewsDemon offers more than 5 years of binary retention on their servers. You can use up to 50 connections at once and the service comes with its own newsreader. It also works with other newsreaders, however, so you can use any newsreader you prefer to check your newsgroups.

The newsgroups feature free headers, posting and header compression and there’s support available around the clock if you happen to need an assist with the service at any point.

Get a USENET block access with NewsDemon here

Who Is It Good For?

Block access—particularly this much of it with no expiration date—is a great deal for anyone who doesn’t want to have a monthly subscription to worry about for their USENET service. It’s also great for people who may not want to add a bill because they’re living somewhere temporarily. If you’re in college, block access is a great solution for this reason. It’s also great for people who want a precise budget on their USENET service.

1 TB is a lot of data, so this is likely to last most users for a while. You don’t have to worry about it ever expiring on you, however, so this may be a great deal if you prefer to get your USENET access in blocks rather than as a subscription.

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