NewsDemon Introduces New Payment Options

March 3, 2012

NewsDemon is offering some new payment options. The new options should allow those located in certain nations to have more convenient transactions. The payment options include most of the large providers. The new options will allow subscribers to use new types of currency for transactions.

Customers located in South Africa and Australia will now be able to pay their bills free of conversion. Customers will be able to use many different payment systems to complete their transactions, including PayPal, WordPay, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. WorldPay provides the conversion-free transactions, according to a release by the company.

You can set yourself up with any of these payment options by going to the USENET access subscription based account plans page on the NewsDemon site, selecting one of the options and by selecting the WorldPay option while at the checkout. This will allow you to pay in the new currencies. The currencies include the US Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Euro, Pounds Sterling and South African Rand.

You can set up the selected option as the default payment method for any subscriptions that you buy. The change should make it more affordable for the people who were stuck paying conversion fees to use their home currency.

NewsDemon has customer service available around the clock that can help customers who have trouble setting up the WordPay option.

NewsDemon is one of the larger USENET access providers available and has a wide selection of plans available. USENET service remains popular among Internet users around the world. The companies that offer these services provide access to one of the largest and most underutilized sources of information available through digital networks.

NewsDemon provides global service. The plans include different levels of service-measured in Gigabytes, connections and security features, that allow individuals to interact socially and to download vast amounts of file content.

Users in South Africa will now be able to pay for these services as easily as someone in the US can. The other credit card providers may retain their former conversion rates. NewsDemon has detailed information on their website that gives instructions on how to set up the new services and that provides additional information about their offerings. The service levels range between $8.99 US and $16.99 US, so being able to avoid paying conversion fees every month could likely end up translating to significant savings over the course of a year.

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