NewsDemon Hits 3 Years of Binaries

August 25, 2011

newsdemon screenshot medium2Quite a few people who love the USENET system love it for the binaries. The popular USENET provider NewsDemon just hit 3 solid years of binary retention in August of 2011. That means that the service now has a huge backlog of materials available and that even new subscribers can get in on articles that that had been posted years before they even considered becoming part of a USENET service.

Binary retention rates are among the many different things that USENET providers compete on. It’s usually advertised in their marketing materials and, with many people using these services as ways to communicate and share these days, the retention times are particularly important. In addition to binary retention, retaining articles means that the information shared among users is retained, as well. If you have a question that someone asked”and to which they got a great answer”two years ago, you may still find that answer available on some services and benefit from the fact that it’s still there.

USENET providers usually offer access to their services in third programs. They may, for instance, include more connections and more GB of bandwidth with each higher level of service. Some of them also have packages with unlimited amounts of speed and unlimited connections for the highest price, with slower speeds being available for lower prices. These services typically have different retention rates among them, so be sure to check about the individual service if you’re most interested in retention rates and in making sure that you have the longest possible time of access to any given binary or article. Because there is so much competition in this area, however, the retention times are always growing among providers and this means that there are always interesting new offers coming available.

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