NewsDemon’s block accounts now with no time limit

November 20, 2010

Besides the monthly accounts, NewsDemon also offers an option of block accounts. Recently, NewsDemon reached new limits concerning these block accounts. From now on, all the block account packages available through NewsDemon will no longer be limited with time. In other words, they will not expire anymore, the user will always have an option to refresh the allotment and will not be automatically billed once the bandwidth is spent.

Block accounts are an excellent solution for people who can estimate an amount of bandwidth they plan to spend. Further, these accounts don’t have any monthly fees; instead, they are paid once at the beginning of the subscription. An account is active until the bandwidth limit is reached.

NewsDemon offers several non-expiring block accounts, ranging from10GB to 1000GB so it likely that anyone will find a package that will suit their needs. While talking about technical specifications, all block accounts offer 50 simultaneous connections, more than 700 days of the retention, unlimited speed, free headers and free newsreader. An access to more than 107,000 newsgroups is provided.

The prices for these packages are as follows:

  • 10GB “ $2.00
  • 25GB “ $5.00
  • 50GB “ $10.00
  • 75GB – $12.00
  • 100GB “ $15.00
  • 200GB “ $22.00
  • 500GB “ $53.00
  • 1000GB “ $87.00

This change will apply to both NewsDemon™s existing and new members.

Even if you are signed up with another provider – sometimes its nice to have a block account with a competitor because you can fill in missing files and increase your completion rates.

By the way, we have a detailed review on NewsDemon, which is a USENET provider featured on our best USENET providers list.

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