Newsbin Rolls Out Android Version Soon

April 6, 2012

Newsbin will be rolling out an update for their popular newsreader very soon, according to their Facebook page. Users who have lamented not being able to hit the USENET newsgroups on their Android devices will soon have much to celebrate. The newsreader will be able to go to your favorite newsgroups and even download binaries to your mobile device. For those who use the USENET on a regular basis, this will mark a hugely useful new service for them.

The Features

The Newsbin reader will have most of the features that users are accustomed to on the regular version of the reader. The latest announcement detailed that developers had been able to improve the download list so that it’s easier to read in the newsreader. Users who are familiar with the Newsbin reader will immediately find the new interface very familiar. It’s just as easy to understand and use as is the desktop version, so there should be no need for users to adjust to the new offering in any regard.

Compared to the Desktop Version

Excepting for having to use the newsreader on the small screens characteristic of mobile devices, users of Newsbin will find that the mobile version makes it equally easy to navigate the USENET newsgroups compared to the full version. There will be few surprises and, other than the convenience of being able to download to a mobile device, the newsreader should seem very familiar.

Combined with the VPN services that some USENET services provide, Newsbin should provide a great solution for users who want to download on the go. Whether you need a new version of your Linux installation or access to other files, you’ll find this newsreader ready to provide it in mobile form.

The Newsbin USENET reader is a favorite of many users. It handles RAR and PAR files automatically, making it easy to handle the content that you download. It also has great features that improve efficiency when downloading and that make it easier to deal with files that are broken. It’s a complex newsreader designed for experienced users and, because of that, it’s popular with those who have been on the USENET for a long time. In addition to their mobile offering, however, the developer recently announced that they would be releasing a version of this software that has built-in settings for inexperienced users who are new to the USENET system or the Newsbin reader.

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