Newsbin Final Release Updated

October 24, 2012

Newsbin, one of the best newsreaders out there, has just released an update to its final version. It contains several new enhancements and, notably, features that allow you to get better performance out of RAR posts. It also has some great customization features that should be perfect for those who like to customize the look of their GUIs as much as possible.


One of the improvements that power users will greatly appreciate will be found in the “Performance” section of the “Options” menu. You’ll be able to set your performance options up so that they match your computer’s performance the best. If you’re using an older machine as a downloader, you can utilize this feature to ensure that you’re not overburdening the system or, conversely, if you’re using an extremely high performance machine, you can get the most out of it.

Customizing your download paths is also much easier in this new version. You can use different elements to create custom paths and you can specify different paths for downloading and decompressing files.

If you have ever been downloading a binary and accidentally turned off your newsreader, you’ll appreciate a new feature on version 6.40. This feature will now prompt you every time you try to exit the program. If you don’t want this feature, you can disable it by looking under the “Options” menu. For many users, however, this feature is likely to get rid of a lot of frustrations.


Newsbin has added something of a wild card search feature to the new version, as well. If you search utilizing the Usenet Search feature without putting anything into the field, you execute a wildcard search. This will give you a listing of the most recent items that show up in the Search database. (Also see our Newsbin review)


Newsbin version 6.00 already had some great features added to it, and the final version only enhances them. Since 6.00, you’ve been able to completely customize the GUI to suit your needs and to take advantage of color coded downloading information that makes it easy to see what progress you’re making downloading a binary. These new updates allow you to enjoy even more functionality out of your USENET service.

Newsbin is a very popular newsreader and it will work with any of our top USENET provider recommendations. It is one of the more complex USENET newsreaders out there, but it has been simplified in recent years to make it more accessible to beginners.

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