Newsbin Celebrates 15 Years

Right on the heels of releasing version 6.40, Newsbin is celebrating its 15th anniversary. On Wednesday, October 24, it will be 15 years since the original website went live. Newsbin isn’t resting on its laurels, however, and is currently working on getting version 6.41 out to the public. They plan on having the new version out soon.


There isn’t anything scheduled yet, but Newsbin is thinking about having a free search day to celebrate the event. Newsbin has an important place in the history of USENET. Even though it has only been around roughly half as long as the USENET system itself, Newsbin is certainly among the most innovative products associated with USENET.


Newsbin was not the originator of the NZB format, but they were among the first to adopt it. Newsbin itself started out between 1994 and 1995, when it was available on a shareware site at Indiana State University.

Newsbin was also among the first adopters of yEnc and one of the first to support xFeatures. XFeatures is a technology for using compressed headers. In addition to this, Newsbin was among the first newsreaders to support SSL, which has become increasingly important to USENET users over the years.

If you use USENET regularly, you’ll find Par2 files all over the place. Not too surprisingly, Newsbin was among the first to adopt that format, as well. All in all, Newsbin has a history of being very quick to adopt new technologies as they became available and in playing a part in improving technologies. Along with other big names in the USENET world, Newsbin has helped to constantly improve what’s available and to bring the newest innovations into common usage.

User Base

Newsbin Pro is the full-featured version of this client and has a very active user community built up around it. Between the many users and the willingness to adopt new technologies, Newsbin has managed to remain relevant throughout its 15 year history.

If you haven’t tried this newsreader out yet, you may want to go ahead and do so. You can download it for a 10 day free trial and, if you like it, it costs $20 to buy the program outright and, for that price, you’ll get lifetime updates. There is also an integrated USENET search feature that you can purchase on a monthly subscription basis.

Newsbin is one of the most advanced and feature rich newsreaders out there. If you’re looking to move to something a bit more complex than you’re using at the moment, it might make a good choice. In fact, people have been finding that out for 15 years.

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