Newsbin Announces Release Of Version 6.11 RC1

October 20, 2011

One of our top newsreader clients, Newsbin, has announced the release of Version 6.11 Beta for public testing. Really, this isn’t too big of a surprise, with all the work they have been doing and midnight oil they have burned. In this release there have been a few minor issue fixed, and one major issue that caused the client to crash at times. But the thing that was added in this version was what caught our eye, it incorporates the remote control application NBRemote.

While this app is still in testing and development also, we are impressed with the cooperation between the developers of both client and application. Another thing that has been flying around the cooler lately is the pending release of the Newsbin version 6.2 beta. Which is rumored to have spam filtering incorporated along with the ability to search password protected RAR’s, PAR’s and embedded .exe’s.

The installer has 32 and 64 bit versions incorporated, and at Newsbin they are reminding people that if they are upgrading from a version 5.xx to version 6 they will have to force the header conversion if you want to bring along all your old headers. In order to do this all you have to do is select a bunch of groups, or a single group, then right click and select Post Storage. From there all you do is click to œImport Version 5.XX headers. You will then get a progress screen on the import, and will be notified when the import is finished.

If you don’t know, Newsbin is one of the top news readers we recommend. Their Usenet search is comprehensive, and they have plenty of tutorials on their website to help the newest Usenet users get started browsing newsgroups and downloading binaries in absolutely no time. If you would like to know more about them, or would like to check out their free trial, you can slip on over to our review of their reader on our

Newsbin Review.

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