Newsbin 6 Beta 4 New Features And Interface

March 12, 2011

We got an opportunity to take the newest release of the Newsbin 6 beta 4 out for a test drive, and already having a fairly good opinion of Newsbin Pro, we wanted to see the improvements and check out the coolest new features. The developers at DJI have worked long and hard working up the new interface, which we noticed right off the bat.

Some of the most outstanding GUI changes we noticed are:

  • You can relocate and dock the menu bar anywhere you would like now.
  • You can make the groups tab stand-alone, or place it within Newsbin.
  • GUI themes are available now.
  • AutoPAR tab dissappeared. This function is now in the Download tab, which is customizable and has compact view.
  • Create custom key maps.
  • Tree view for headers.

With the new GUI on the screen, (looks Mac-ish, nice) we easily found everything we needed right at hand. We found the dockable menu bars, and compact downloads view right up our alley. The Newsbin Internet Search feature is one of the premier features of the Newsbin reader. With this you can search for up to 850 days and beyond  of binary retention from inside the client. It’s as simple as entering the subject and hitting enter.

We’ll probably be spending the next weeks exploring all the features and bench testing the tweaks. This beta release has served to convince us that Newsbin is on the right track, and we are planning on exploring this one and anticipating the release of next beta. If you haven’t had opportunity to check out the new Newsbin beta release, there is a 10 day free trial you can download, that has limited access to their search engine. Watch here for more deals, and information as Newsbin 6 gets ready to shed the beta in the version.

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