New Usenet Group Under Discussion

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2021

A request to create a new Usenet newsgroup within the Big 8 hierarchies is currently up for discussion in the Usenet community.

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The Big 8 is a group of newsgroup hierarchies established in order to make it easier for users to search and find topics they want and the groups they want to join in. These hierarchies are subject to the same approval process where the creation of new groups is concerned as are the mainstream hierarchies and contain many high-quality groups. Creating a group involves a democratic process where people can Call for Votes (CFV), which is a Usenet decision-making process. Usenet users are called upon to vote on a topical administrative issue under the supervision of the Big 8 management board. New newsgroups go through a process of nomination, discussion and, as mentioned, voting.

For many years now, no additional Usenet newsgroup has been added in the Big 8. Currently, there is a request to add a new newsgroup within one of the hierarchies, specifically the recreation and entertainment hierarchy.

According to a Usenet reddit thread, is being requested for inclusion. In the coming weeks, a Call to Vote will be sent out. This proposed new newsgroup will be discussing audio recording on pc digital audio workstation. While some users appreciate this possible new addition, some find this a very niche category.

As of the moment, voting and approval on this new newsgroup is still pending. And, ultimately, if approved, it will be up to Usenet server administrators if they would want to carry

Further updates on the progress of this news will be posted here.

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