New Mobile Phone Apps for Sabnzbd Released

October 4, 2011

So you decided to go with SABnzbd on your smart phone to complete your Usenet access package. Everything you have has access now, but what about the apps to control your downloads? You will need a few apps if you want to remotely control your queue, monitor your download, and pause or resume downloads. Or maybe you need a reader, browse Matrix files, or do an index search. You need apps. Fortunately we have assembled a list of the more popular, (and useful,) apps you are going to need to do these things…and a few more.

For The Android Users

  • SABcontrol “ App to monitor and control downloads. Features include: Pause/resume downloads (all or specify files,) temporary pause, quick switch profiles, supports HTTP and HTTPS, delete downloads, and history. Cost is free though there is a premium version with additional features, cost of that is $1.40.

  • SABMobile “ If you have SABnzbd installed at home you will be able to manage and monitor your file downloads from anywhere with this app. This has all the features of SABcontrol, but adds the feature of allowing the user to securely connect to their home network and control it, too. It comes with a browser with a built iin search engine, and an RSS reader. But this one isn’t totally free, but at $2.83 it is an excellent investment.

  • Sab Sheep “ This app is great if you like to browse files at NZBMatrix. It also has a feature that allows it to to stream even incomplete downloads to a VLC mobile. One of the best browsers available today for the SABnzbd client. This one isn’t a freebie either, but at a cost of $1.29 it’s also well worth the money.

On To The iOS Users

There is a prime assortment of apps to add into your installation of SABnzbd, the most popular being the same SABMobile we mentioned above. Here’s the list of the best, and most useful frothe app store.

  • SABMobile “ Stays at the top of the list, probably because there is a free version, (albeit a feature limited version.) The iOS users will find the same exact features as the Android users though, and the price is a little higher, $2.99.

  • myNZB “ This one will work on almost anything that uses iOS, and gives the user almost total control of their SABnzbd client. You can adjust download speeds, control the queue, change categories and priorities, and there is access to almost a dozen NZB index websites. This one will cost you $2.99 to use.

  • SABcommand “ For the iPad users, this one really kicks butt in the appearance category. A little light on the features, but will do everything the average user wants to do, but it takes complete advantage of the iPad’s large screen. This one will also cost you around $2.99.

As always, we are looking out for you and made sure that the above mentioned apps are easy to find, download, install, and configure. We understand that sometimes a person doesn’t have time for all those little details that some applications want you to go through.

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