Net Neutrality: How Google Is Planning On Cleaning Up

November 25, 2011

The fight is on again!

Network Neutrality has been the subject of much dissension among many…both in the Washington halls, and on the street. For those that do not know, or understand, the facts, net neutrality essentially makes it illegal for an Internet Service Provider to charge a customer according to the amount of access they use, or by bandwidth. This means that those people who only use a little bandwidth each month will pay the same amount as those of us who use it a lot…almost like everybody has an unlimited internet account.

This idea almost looks good, until you take into consideration the unlimited account that companies like Google and Netflix will have. Not only does companies like this have to maintain a 24/7 presence on the internet, they have to do it with thousands of servers, and use massive amounts of bandwidth.. Will they be paying the same for their access as the small mom and pop organizations, who don’t require nearly as much bandwidth? Their ISP bill would be reduced a lot…while everyone else suffered an increase in their access cost.

And Spending Millions…

Leading the fight for Net Neutrality

Anyone who remembers his campaign very well will remember Barack Obama saying that he would not take a backseat in this controversial matter. Add to that the net neutrality rules that the FCC shoved through in such a hurry last December. Is is coincidence that Google gave more than $1 million to the pro-net neutrality organization This organization soon after sent more than $100,000 to a Pennsylvania branch, where it was organizing against Rick Santorum, an anti-neutrality proponent.

Dominate, Lobby, Make It Yours

And that is what they have done. Google has managed to dominate the internet through massive acquisitions, this year marked the 100th acquisition that Google has made in the last 10 years. It’s nice to see it when a company makes it big, it’s just bad karma to wish them

to fail. But Google has acquired and grown in leaps and bounds, and now they almost write the rules of the internet using their lobbying power…or at least it seems so.

They started their acquisition spree back in 2001 with the purchase of a Usenet provider, Deja News. Once they had merged only 2 types of groups were offered, with no creation of new groups in the Usenet groups being allowed. Since then Google has managed to acquire 99 more internet enterprises, mainly in the social media area, to conclude their most recent purchase of Zagat early in September for $125 million.

What Is Google Up To?

Do you really love them now?

Well of course they want the same thing as everyone else, free. But the world doesn’t work like that, but I’m sure they would settle if everyone else paid more and their bill was reduced. In a situation like this the only ones who stand to benefit are the large corporations, and the money flowing through the lobbyists hands, and campaign contributions insure that these things make it through. But the public is getting wise to them. Recently an investigation was launched into their trade practices by the FTC.

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