NBRemote 1.0.5 Released

April 6, 2012

NBRemote 1.0.5 will soon be hitting the Android market, which will likely make a lot of users of the popular Newsbin application very happy. The application makes it much more convenience to access your Newsbin Pro service, even if you don’t feel like getting up off the couch to do it. Functioning as a fully capable remote control device, you can use NBRemote 1.0.5 to initiate downloads from a multitude of devices. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are all compatible with this application, and the Android marketplace will soon have this updated version of the technology available, as well.

Bug Fixes

NBRemote 1.0.5 has several bugs fixed compared to the previous version. The settings bug has been taken care of, for example. Your sort order and your filter profile will both be remembered whenever you use the application, getting rid of a nuisance for some users.

The new version of NBRemote also allows you to enjoy a better interface for your newsgroups. The group list all gives you the last update and the number of new posts added to the newsgroup. If you don’t have any interest in the new posts, you can use a button that’s been added to NBRemote 1.0.5 to mark all of them as old, allowing you to dismiss them without having to read them at all.

For those who are very serious about their Internet speed, NBRemote 1.0.5 has a great new feature. The speed graph on the program draws its data directly from Newsbin. This means that the data you get can go back to before when you actually started up NBRemote and, therefore, you can get a better idea of the performance of your Internet speed over a longer period without having to utilize data from both your computer and your mobile device.

NBRemote 1.0.5 will be released to the Android market very soon. To prepare yourself, you’ll want to update your Newsbin to version 6.30. This will ensure that you can take advantage of all of the great new features on NBRemote 1.0.5.

The convenience of this product should be enough to attract very active USENET users. If using Newsbin hasn’t been quite as interesting and experience as you’d wished, adding NBRemote 1.0.5 to the mix and enjoying the convenience provided by being able to control your downloads and other information remotely should add something compelling to the whole experience and make it quite a bit of fun.

Let us know how you use your NBReote to conrol your Newsbin Pro client. Send us a tweet to: @usenetreviewz.

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