Mysterbin Is Down

December 11, 2012

Another USENET search site, Mysterbin, has come and gone. The site went down the day before Thanksgiving in the US and a Twitter post announced that the service is gone for good. This is only one of a number of services that have disappeared from the Internet recently. There are options, however, if you want a great search service for the USENET.

Our List

We maintain a list of USENET search services that you can use to find NZBs. These services are sometimes membership sites, sometimes sites that anyone can access and there are other options out there, as well. Some new sites have opened up with a free service and no membership requirement, which makes them handy options for anyone looking for an easy way to search the USENET.

Choosing an Option

There are premium newsreaders out there, such as Newsbin Pro, that offer a USENET service as part of the service you get when you pay for the newsreader. If you have a USENET service already, you can sometimes search right from the newsreader provided by that service.

Easynews is one example of a USENET access provider that lets you search from within their own interface. Newshosting also offers this service. With Giganews, the Mimo newsreader offers you the option of searching for articles and binaries and is quick to update when new content goes up on the USENET servers.

If you want to search out NZB files, take a look at our list of options and see what works for you. All of our favorite providers have been tested and have met our criteria to make our list.

Where searching for NZB files through your USENET access provider is concerned, the information on the provider itself will let you know whether or not it’s an option. While it’s always sad to see a site like Mysterbin go, there are still plenty of options out there for people who use the USENET and who need a great place to look for NZBs.

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