Mimo Review

Mimo Review
3.5 / 5
Mimo Review
Rating 3.5 Stars
Price Inc w/ Giganews
Features Java Newsreader
Not updated since 2014
Auto unRAR and PAR

Mimo is the result of Golden Frog and Giganews partnering up to build a newsreader, which goes along with Giganews’s USENET access service.

Mimo is very easy to use. If you’re not that familiar with USENET and newsreaders, Mimo might be just what you’re looking for.

Mimo is designed to be as flexible as possible. It’s a cross-platform technology and, according to the company, they built it to accommodate their long retention times.

Currently the supported platforms are Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 , along with Macintosh OS X 10.6 and above.

The tabbed interface has an intuitive design to it. Search for the binaries or articles you want and you’ll get a results screen that can be sorted by several criteria.

To download, click the green button to the left of the entry and you’re on your way.


  • Optimized for Faster Downloads, Searches, and Browsing
  • Optimized Search for Long Retention News Servers
  • Integrated Image Thumbnail Viewing
  • Filtering on Text, Binaries and Images
  • Auto unRAR and PAR technology
  • Integrated Giganews Accelerator Technology
  • Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search
  • Golden Frog Usenet Search includes:
  • Servers Optimized for Speed
  • Binary Searches Across All Groups
  • Subject-Based Binary Searches

Take a look at the screenshots below to get a better idea of what this USENET downloader has to offer. This is an impressive offering from Giganews. It’s fast, runs smoothly and is likely one of the best choices for people who haven’t used a newsreader before.

MimoDownload MimoTools MimoMainScreen MimoSearchScreen

To make it even better, the company has great instructions on using Mimo. The online manual is short and easy to follow. Go through it step by step once and you’ll have the hang of Mimo.

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7 Comments about Mimo Review

  • Avatar of Womp
    Womp on

    Linux is NOT supported.
    And, I can’t get it to work in WINE.
    Plus, they haven’t released it as a native .jar file.
    Even the link you gave clearly says only MS and OSX.
    Your review is wrong, Linux is NOT supported.

  • Avatar of 20108
  • Avatar of Donnie Baby
    Donnie Baby on

    Review should be updated – as of this writing [10/2013] you can download the program, but it is hard-coded to only work for Giganews Diamond account subscribers. See the Giganews website.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
    Marion Marshall on

    Thanks we will be updating it however as of November 2013. Mimo is available for both Platinum and Diamond account holders.

  • Avatar of JimH
    JimH on

    While this isn’t a horrible piece of software, it’s searching capability is seriously lacking. It searches for whole words only – if you tell it to search for the word “look”, it won’t return anything if all the titles use the word “looks” or “looked”.

    It also seems to be limited to returning only 3000 matches. This wouldn’t too much of an issue if it was possible which newgroup(s) to limit the search to. But no…. it always looks in every newsgroup.

    These are just two of its most glaring shortcomings. For much of my newgroup activity, I’ll still be using XNews.

  • Avatar of Buck Ofama
    Buck Ofama on

    The only thing I like about MIMO vs XNews is that MIMO has multi-threaded download. However, it lacks any ability to interrupt the threads. It lately become hosed, and extremely slow, so I dumped it.

  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    I’m pretty sure that with Mimo you can only use Giganews, so you can’t add any backup/fill servers, which makes it kind of useless in the current Usenet environment.

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